Supercharge your training with these additional specialty and advanced modules. Content-rich with 29 videos and 25+ downloadable resources.

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"Gold Upgrade Package"

5 Specialty Modules

     Security Module 1: Sneaky Tricks! Watch Out!

     Security Module 2: Protect Your Passwords and Privacy

     Security Module 3: Oh no! I’ve been Scamboozled!

     Specialty Module: Ten "How-To" Video Tutorials

     Specialty Module: Riches From Niches

5 Advanced Modules

     Advanced Module 1: The Essence of Being An Entrepreneur

     Advanced Module 2: Build and Engage Your List

      Advanced Module 3: Putting the Squeeze into your Squeeze Pages

     Advanced Module 4: The Keys to Online Advertising

     Advanced Module 5: Walk ‘n Talk – 9 Videos (Edu-tainment)


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10 New Modules - 29 Videos - 25+ Downloadable Resourses

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    Supercharge your First Steps Online training with 5 Specialty and 5 Advanced Modules.
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